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What is a Social Connection Specialist?


Without faith we are just being. We will struggle in seeing the big picture of our connection with somthing greater than ourselves. Faith in trusting in something we can not see or feel, but to know that your faith (for me it’s God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit) has the best for you. Tap into faith and see how the doors will open. The people who will show up in your life. The new connections that will be made and the lives that you can change.


There are many different reasons why people join Network Marketing. One thing I have seen in my 23 years in the intustry is the thread of FAMILY, FAMILIA, OHANA: to have better lives, to support, to retire, to give so many reasons. That’s what makes Network Marketing so great is that it can change families. Let me enourage you to not to forsake your family to build your business. Make time to stay connected so the family can encourage you and support you.


Network Maketing is so much fun. The places you go, the people you meet and the personal development that no university or collage experiance can ever offer you. With business you have to maintain a blance of faith and family. I say this because in the many years that I have been around Network Marketing. People are away to weekly meetings, super Saturdays, other meetings through out the week. You hear the lie you must sacrifice time a way to build so that you can stay home and live out your why. To often the spouse who wasn’t really supportive in the first place becomes bitter and begins the presure to quit. I was in that boat until I found a system that I could stay at home. I discoverd the golden rule to live by to put faith first, then family and business last.

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